7E Visual Short Story Project




You are going to write a short story with text and pictures. Your story must follow the plot diagram shown above. Introduce your characters, setting, and story problem early in the story. The middle of your story should have the characters trying to solve the story problem. The climax is where your characters almost solve the problem, but something happens that might prevent them from doing so. The last part of your story should clear up any loose ends; this is how your story ends.

Things to Remember:

  1. Your story will be created using Power Point (8-16 slides).
  2. Every slide should include a picture and at least 50% text.
  3. The font size on the story slides should be no larger than 16.
  4. Include a title page (title, picture, your name).
  5. Refer to the Effective Power Point information found on the Home Page.
  6. Be sure to carefully check spelling and grammar.
  7. Make your story fun and interesting to read.
  8. Save your story on a memory stick to avoid lost work.